Agnieszka Mazur
→ designer
+ 48 791 717 747

A graduate in Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. At New Crafts responsible for designing and realization. Relentless explorer of the technological processing possibilities of different materials. She values the experience provided by low-processed materials – their weight, temperature, palpability. Always looking for a clever combination of aesthetics and construction. She likes lavish projects, although not necessarily meant for galleries.

Kacper Latecki
→ researcher
+ 48 691 889 745

A social psychologist by education, a moderator and researcher by profession. In New Crafts responsible for inspiration and on the lookout for fresh ideas. He manages the project realization processes. He works as a market researcher for marketing strategies and supports inspiring innovation. He observes a lot and frequently talks to people. This is why he puts more trust in experience than in words.

New Craft

Professional projects, craftsman’s workmanship.



Our projects are created on the basis of specialist knowledge.

Our projects are durable.

Our projects are ready for mass-production.

Our projects are effects of efforts.

Our projects respect traditional material processing.

Our projects age well.

Our projects are made by particular people.

Our projects are made on a human scale.

Our projects are not glued.

Our projects are possible to repair.

Our projects do not fall apart.

Our projects are effect of a job well done.


New Craft invests in handicraft and direct cooperation.

Designed by: Agnieszka Mazur

graphics: Natalia Kotkowska
implementation: Duszan Almonkari

direction and editing: Michalina Musielak
shooting: Michalina Musielak/Natalia Dołgowska,
Wawrzyniec Skoczylas

Special thanks:
Jerzy Wasilewski, Lech Marek oraz Zbyszek Szulc, Panowie Wiśniewscy,
Robert Chwałowski, Wawrzyniec Skoczylas, Piotr Cwaliński

The project was created thanks to the Young Poland 2013 program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

New Crafts

New Crafts create contemporary craftsman products.

Designer Agnieszka Mazur combines design with the knowledge and the technique of professional craftsmen.
She translates material processing skills into useful forms.

This way new low volume objects of everyday use are born. Distinctive, contemporary and made on a human-scale.

Table lamp, crafted out of exclusive materials machined with difficulty. The white surface is evenly backlit giving an unusual effect.Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Anemone

Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Anemone lights on

Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Anemone2

Anemone is an effect of cooperation with craftsmen working with difficult materials such as stone and rock. The construction of the lamp requires strict discipline and precision. All elements except for the cable and the frame have been particularly designed for the lamp.


Nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_closeNowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Anemone switch

Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Anemone zoom

Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Anemone lights on_zoom


Tha lampshade is made using metal spinning techniques.

Stone stands are made of Nero Marquina and Bianco Carrara marble cut with a water jet cutter and a milling machine at a highly specialized stonemason’s workshop. Each stand was finished by hand. The lamp is fitted with a gilded press-formed brass touch switch. The hasps are made of translucent Corian®.

Nowe_rzemiosło_mazur_wyoblany klosz


Decorative item for the displaying plants and cut flowers. The work refers to the idea of a central point, a beginning and a middle.

Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Narcyz1

The glass vase surrounds the plants with security. It reminds of the fragility and the importance of life. The mirror lens around the plant appropriates the image of the surroundings and makes the plants observe their reflection in a mirror.

Narcissus represents nature as delicate and requiring protection, but also as selfish and egotistic.


Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Narcyz_familyNowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Narcyz_top

Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Narcyz_solo zoomNowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Narcyz_legs  Nowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Narcyz_soloNowe Rzemioslo_Mazur_Narcyz_wall


Production method

Narcissus is an effect of cooperation with numerous highly qualified craftsmen. Glassblowers manually produce the glass vases in a wooden mold and give color using a traditional coloring method. The collar surrounding the plant is made in using metal spinning and is later burnished, powder colored and protected against tarnish. Metal elements are welded in a metal workshop.

nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_glass2 nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_glass3nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_glass4   nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_glass5

nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_spin   nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_okrag nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_spawanie2  nowe_rzemioslo_mazur_okrag2